Highly Recommended Self Help Books For Women

There are many self help books for women that come highly recommended by consumers and experts in this area. One of the books that makes the top 10 list for most women is Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by author Susan Jeffers. This book examines how fear can cause a women to fail to live up to her potential, and how to overcome this paralyzing emotion in a positive way. A large number of women consider this one of the best self help books ever written for the female gender.

Networking seems to be more difficult for some women then this is for men, and this may be true for numerous reasons. Networking- The Art Of Making Friends, by author Carole Stone, explains the importance of networking to women and how this can be effectively managed. This book is very beneficial for self help purposes but it also makes a very interesting read as well. Since the author holds a Christmas party every year and has more than 1,000 friends she obviously understands the subject very well.

Self help books for women who have just gone through a painful break up should include The Break-up Survival Kit, by author Pam Spurr. This book offers the numerous issues and emotions that accompany any relationship break up and does not try to offer philosophy as an empty comfort. There are tips about dating and avoiding a rebound relationship and advice to help any reader stay sane during this very volatile time.

There are thousands of volumes written to help women help themselves, and many more are published every single year. These books cover hundreds of topics and situations and can help any women who wants to better herself or make positive changes in her life. Whether the topic is emotional healing, spiritual growth, or even how to repair a toilet that will not stop running or other do it yourself home repairs.

The wide variety of self help books for women means that there are books which are perfect for some individuals, but these same books may not work well in other cases. Some women prefer books that are factual and straight forward while other women prefer humor and a lighter tone.

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